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Reflections Residence

We continually look to invest in causes that are dear to our heart. One of our major focus is the under-serving senior housing market. The population in Canada is aging and the houses are not designed to deal with this. We have made a commitment to make a difference in the community by building residential assisted living houses. We are looking for partners to help shape Vancouver’s senior living market.


MOM Homes

Multi-family homes are vital to a growing community. They are viewed as the best and most affordable housing option. Our multi-family designs improve the effectiveness of the community by increasing density and green space at the same time. We are working with partners to build medium-density housing such as triplexes, quad-plexes, townhouses and even some low-rise apartment buildings.


Air B&B Business

Vancouver consistently ranks as one of the best cities to live in the world. People around the world love to visit this beautiful city and live here permanently if possible. There’s always a demand for housing from long term rental to short term rental. We work with partners to build rental properties and rent them for long term or short term such as Air B&B.

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